Faction #0: The Familiar and Fantastical

n55926073990_808(w) Erik Hendrix
(p) Arnie Gordon
(c) Michael Nelsen

The best kind of comic stories are grounded in the familiar in order to provide the reader with a comfortable base with which to identify. Faction’s protagonist Acker Kinney provides that comfort. As we follow Acker from his devastating injury to his being tasked with a higher calling, writer Erik Hendrix offers a fascinating treatise on the eternal struggle between good and evil  and a relevant commentary on the real life battle against evil we find ourselves in today.

Faction takes place in 2025. America is still fighting in the Middle East. Master Sergeant Acker Kinney is critically wounded in battle to the point where he questions whether or not he can still make a difference. As he recuperates, he is attacked by a demon servant of the Den Malignity. After being rescued by The Society of the Enlightened Acker is drafted into a different war, between ancient mystical factions in the struggle for the world.

With Faction, Hendrix expertly transitions from the more the familiar real world elements to the more fantastical and over then top depictions of ancient societies and demonic servants. The struggle Acker now finds himself in is the logical next step in his desire to do good. By far Faction’s greatest strength is Acker himself. As with any good first issue, Hendrix gives us time to know Acker and how he thinks. We are likewise shocked and sympathetic when we,through Acker, realize the extent of his injuries. The dialogue between Acker and the members of the Society is well done and never feels silly or out of place. Much like Peter Parker or similar “everyman” heroes Acker is simply a normal guy placed in an extraordinary situation.

Arnie Gordon’s pencils fit perfectly with the story and his character designs are distinct and visually impressive. There is a quite a bit of action in the issue and Gordon’s panels follow the best examples of sequential art for an action heavy book.

Faction would be a worthy pickup for any comic fan who enjoys action and some good old fashioned good vs. evil interplay. For fans wishing to pick it up you can get it 2 ways:

1)Order direct – http://www.dimestoredistro.com. Look up Faction, or item DSP-I09-F0. You can download for $2.00 or purchase the printed version for $3.50 plus postage BEFORE AUGUST 31st!
2)Go to your LCS and ask them to order from www.dimestoredistro.comor www.havendistro.com they must first be set themselves up as retailers Make sure they place their orders ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31st and let them know the item code is case sensitive. Issues will deliver in September.

I highly recommend this book and encourage you to give it a shot. Put down that copy of Marvel Apes and give this a go you won’t be disappointed.



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